Not having a web address (WWW) for your Auto Body Repair facility.

here are just a few reasons why so many other facilities have begun the online presence.



  • Reduced Cost
    No stamps, no ink, no paper = lower cost. Color is the standard, Not the premium on the Internet. Unlike print advertising which is usually based on the number of people who receive your add, your Internet presence cost are the same whether someone accesses your website once a day or 100 times.

  • Communication
    If your website offers visitors a chance to email you, you've just increased your chance to making a sale. Some customers even prefer email since it allows them to ask a question without obligating themselves to a full sales pitch they might get over the phone. Further, email can be sent round the clock, even when your business is closed for the evening.
  • Flexibility
    Do you have a special offer A change of address or phone number? Your website can change with your business at a very little cost.
  • 24/7                                                                           
  • Put your web address on everything you give your customers & make your site as extensive as possible. You will be rewarded by a web presence that can answer questions & bring in customers even when your business is closed. .

Unlike many other advertising messages, customers looking at your web site are there because they chose to be. If they’re at your site, they’re likely looking for the very product or service you offer.

Businesses can maximize their advertising influence by linking their printed advertising (Yellow Pages, newspaper, magazine, business cards) and their Internet presence. Because printed advertising doesn’t change, it can be used to point customers to your website for additional information, seasonal specials, new coupon offers, driving directions and more.

It is so much more professional to say yes email me at you can forward all of your mail to AOL, Outlook, MSN what ever but it just sounds good and you have marketed your business.

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