On Site Repairs For your facility

We can offer 24/7 support for the San Francisco Bay Area we have network experts around the state and around the country for a reasonable fee $60.00 per hour on site see a list below what we offer please note we do not sell hardware but will assist you in your purchase for the best vendor for your facility.

For an Example of great hardware deals see Our Dell Deals Web Page.

We are very familiar with all software products in the Auto Body Industry, So you will not be paying for our training we already know it.

A short list of what we can do for you

  • Upgrade any Microsoft Software Product (Windows XP Pro & Office XP)
  • Upgrade Servers we work with Novell, Windows 2000 Server and our favorite Windows 2003 Small Business Server

  • Implement a back up system that works
  • Implement  a disaster recovery system for your Network
  • Updates for your estimating software
  • V P N Connection (Virtual Private Network) You can access your network from the road or home very secure.
  • Surveillance cameras running via the Internet
  • Wireless Connections for your mobile estimators
  • Firewalls protect your gateway
  • Merchant accounts accept credit cards via internet
  • VOIP (voice over internet protocol) this is hot
  • Multi facility connections via internet get rid of costly T1
  • We can install DSL for you
  • Install and train new software applications
  • Consult with you on correct purchase of software
  • Migrating data to many systems put it all in one place data merging can be done and it save time and money, I know of shops using this scenario 3 estimating systems ADP, Mitchell, and CCC merge in to the Management system and transfer to payroll system and transfer to accounting system which is fine but 2 of the software programs were manually inputting to the accounting system we made this a simple key stroke of data merger can we do this for you.
  • We understand the Industry and can help you we understand the estimating systems Management and accounting keep your office in tune call or email us today.
  • We will give you a detail of your network as shown below








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