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This shop owner says it wasn't easy implementing a new, more profitable system for heavy hits, but it was worth it (even if his techs did stop speaking to him for a while).

Courtesy of Body Shop Business January 2005

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Courtesy of Body Shop Business February 2005 Are you allowing an estimating system and insurance companies to control your business?

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Technician Compensation

A West Coast Perspective
by Tom Holmes
(Editor’s Note: The following article is the basis of a presentation by Tom Holmes, owner of Holmes Auto Body in Pasadena, CA at the Technician Compensation Panel Discussion held at the NACE show in December, 1997 in Las Vegas, NV.)

Excerpted by Business Week

To build a young outfit or put an older one's expansion on a solid footing, aim for small but consistent gains, urges author Ram Charan in his new book Profitable Growth Is Everyone's Business. As he lays out in the following list of practices, no business is too small nor any employee too insignificant to play a vital part in creating and fostering a growth-oriented atmosphere. When that mindset prevails, incremental gains bring major dividends. From the service technician relaying customer reactions to the entrepreneur allocating a slice of his budget to the pursuit of innovation, the goal is the same: growth above all.